Feeling guilty about not networking enough? Stop! You can learn how to network effectively without attending networking events, collecting business cards, or getting a lot of LinkedIn followers. How? By learning how to Connect the Dots.

Connect the Dots is my first book, meant for working professionals seeking to take the next step in their careers. The truth is, networking is not just about managing impressions or projecting your personal brand. Networking is about building, nurturing, and leveraging real relationships built on genuine connections. When done correctly, networking is not sleazy or manipulative, Instead, it’s empowering— for you, for all the people you know, and for all the people they know.

In Connect the Dots, I use personal stories, business cases, self-assessments, exercises, and concrete guidelines grounded in the latest scientific research to show exactly how to create the most effective network for you. Along the way, I provide solutions to common networking challenges, such as the ethics of networking, being a woman or person of color, and the failure to refresh outdated networks when you step into a new leadership role. Connect the Dots is designed to benefit a wide audience, from young professionals to senior executives. Learn how to connect the dots to make your network work for you.

Praise for "Connect the Dots":