My research applies a network lens on building and managing professional relationships. Fundamentally, I want to know how successful individuals build and maintain positive relationships (and avoid negative ones!) as well as which organizational practices support and foster relationship-building. I am particularly interested in exploring how individuals and organizations address the relational challenges posed by diversity and other differences. To that end, I am currently working on several projects, including:

  • Exploring the effect of gender on networks through a large-scale analysis of 30 organizational networks, along with roughly 100 qualitative interviews.
  • Testing hypotheses regarding implicit bias, network structures, and performance outcomes in a single large organization through quantitative analysis of networks at two time-points as well as 50 targeted interviews.
  • Conducting a series of experimental studies testing the effects of diversity on ethical decision-making in groups.
  • Developing case studies of organizational practices that effectively include women in informal organizational networks.

My work has appeared in several journals and books, including Human Resource Management, European Journal of Work and Organizational PsychologyGroup Dynamics, Organizational Research MethodsJournal of Management Education, and The Organizational Network Fieldbook: Best practices, techniques, and exercises to drive organizational innovation and performance.